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The Digital Strategy Forum

Explore cutting-edge digital strategies for business success, featuring insight on how to leverage digital tools, enhance customer engagement, and, stay competitive in the digital landscape.


Watch Arungalai Anbarasu at Waygate Technologies as she discusses digital triplets from TECH LIVE LONDON 2022

Andrzej Kawalec from Vodafone Business discussed The evolution of kidnap from people to data from the Cyber Stage at TECH LIVE LONDON

The Cybersecurity Forum

Discover cybersecurity's vital role in protecting data and systems, with expert insights and best practices for a secure digital world.

The Data & Analytics Forum

Unlock the power of data and analytics with expert insights and strategies for informed decision-making and business optimisation.

We hear from Matthew Murphy of Nova Scotia Health and Alec Boere of Infosys Consulting about data and analytics from TECH LIVE LONDON 2022

Watch Kreshnik Mati from Klick Health discuss applied composability in complex organisations from TECH LIVE LONDON 2022

The Enterprise IT Forum

Navigate the world of enterprise IT with expert insights and strategies for efficient technology management and enhanced business operations.

The Digital Transformation Forum

Embark on a journey of digital transformation, uncovering strategies and insights to enhance business innovation and growth in the digital era.

Watch Inderpal Bhandari from IBM discuss digital transformation with data and AI from TECH LIVE LONDON

In this session, we hear from Deepak Paramanand of JP Morgan about doing AI ethically from TECH LIVE LONDON 2022

The AI & ML Forum

Dive into the world of AI & ML, exploring the latest advancements and applications for smarter decision-making and innovation.

The Technology Ecosystems Forum

Explore dynamic technology ecosystems, where platforms and collaborations drive innovation, growth, and value creation in the digital and business landscapes.

Antony Kagoo from TCS and Paul Graham from MATRIXX discussed digital ecosystems in this fireside chat from TECH LIVE LONDON 2022

Watch Jamshid A. Vayghan - Hybrid Cloud and Digital Transformation

The Cloud Computing Forum

Discover the cloud computing revolution, unleashing the power of remote servers for scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient data and application management.

The Women in Tech Forum

Promoting gender diversity, equality, and inclusion, empowering women to thrive, lead, and innovate in the technology industry for a brighter future.

Watch Enteprise AI Women Leaders Perspectives from TECH LIVE LONDON 2022